Birkdale Sixth Form

Typically 100% pass rate at A Level. Most students go on to leading universities.

Academic Excellence

Outstanding academic results at both GCSE and A Level. Typically over half of all A Level grades are A* or A and at GCSE around two-thirds are A* or A grades.

A Space for Art

Creativity and a love of Fine Art permeate Birkdale and equip students with skills for life.

Music at the heart of Birkdale

Birkdale has an enviable reputation for outstanding music making and instrumental performance.

Birkdale Prep School

The highest academic standards in a happy, family atmosphere. Small class sizes allow each boy to be challenged, cared for and nurtured.

Birkdale Sport

Birkdale offers a wide variety of team and individual sports. We encourage our pupils to “be the best they can be.”

Maths Inspiration

Maths Inspiration was hosted by Matt Parker at the Crucible Theatre and was a unique look on the application of mathematics in the real world - and sometimes not so real!


Our first talk by Hannah Fry, who is a lecturer in statistical mathematics at UCL, looked at how maths can be used by the police and security services to help track down serial killers. Using this information we looked into the case of Harold Shipman and how a simple graphical manipulation helped locate him.

On a much lighter note Matt Parker took to the stage and we explored the concept of 4-D shapes and their nets. By taking the Rubix Cube as an example and expanding it into a 4-D cube known as a Tesseract, we could just about fathom how this construction could occur. Once we got to grips with this concept we looked at what would happen if the Rubix Cube could turned in 4-Dimensions. Just as we began to accept that this was a very complicated issue we went and looked into the construction of a 5-D cube.

Responsibility fell on Hugh Hunt and and well known guest speaker Guy Martin to bring us all back to reality again. Guy Martin - a world renowned motorcyclist - is to attempt the ‘Wall of Death’ later this year - driving a motorbike around a vertical cylinder. We looked into how, before he was allowed to do this, they would calculate optimum speed he needed to go and how his body would cope with G-Force of constant 100mph cornering.

The day was a different experience to learning maths in the classroom as it highlighted ways in which math’s is used in the real world. Overall the students and staff enjoyed a most interesting lecture and look forward to returning again next year.

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