Birkdale Sixth Form

Typically 100% pass rate at A Level. Most students go on to leading universities.

Academic Excellence

Outstanding academic results at both GCSE and A Level. Typically over half of all A Level grades are A* or A and at GCSE around two-thirds are A* or A grades.

A Space for Art

Creativity and a love of Fine Art permeate Birkdale and equip students with skills for life.

Music at the heart of Birkdale

Birkdale has an enviable reputation for outstanding music making and instrumental performance.

Birkdale Prep School

The highest academic standards in a happy, family atmosphere. Small class sizes allow each boy to be challenged, cared for and nurtured.

Birkdale Sport

Birkdale offers a wide variety of team and individual sports. We encourage our pupils to “be the best they can be.”

Learning Support

The Learning Support department aims to identify and then to work with those pupils who require additional support to help them fulfil their academic potential. We will ensure that we use our “best endeavours” to ensure that every child is able to overcome any barriers to learning.
Before a pupil arrives at Birkdale School we receive information from parents and our feeder schools and, on entry, all pupils are tested on aspects of their learning skills. Those pupils who are so identified are offered learning support either in small groups or individually. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for each such pupil allow us to set targets and to monitor progress. These are shared with staff and parents, offering support strategies, so that we can all work in partnership

Learning Support at the school is the responsibility of all teachers and the needs of specific pupils are addressed in each subject classroom. Where additional support is indicated our focus is on key functional skills and on the building of self-esteem with regard to learning.

The Learning Support department is based in the Grayson Building and runs two weekly study support lunchtime 'drop in' sessions. All pupils are welcome to attend these sessions to receive support with any aspect of their academic life.

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