Sixth Form

A Level History / Government and Politics


History (AQA 7042)


Component 1: The USA from Civil War to Cold War (Examination – 37.5%)

This unit is a study of aspects of social, cultural, economic, military and political American History from 1865 to 1975.


Component 2: Religious Conflict and the Church in England (Examination – 37.5%)

This unit is a study of the great changes to the Church and wider society which took place in Tudor England from 1529 to 1975.


Component 3: Historical Investigation (Coursework – 25%)

This unit is an essay of 3500 words on Russian History from 1855 to 1953.


Links to other subjects

This subject can be studied in conjunction with any A Level course and particularly with Government and Politics which has both British and American topics.


Links to HE courses and beyond

This subject teaches a range of transferable skills and is highly regarded by universities and employers alike.


Politics (AQA 7152)


Paper 1: Government and Politics of the UK

  • When studying the government of the UK students will learn about the nature and sources of the British Constitution, the structure and role of Parliament, the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the judiciary and devolution.
  • When studying the politics of the UK students will learn about democracy and participation, elections and referendums, political parties, pressure groups and the European Union.


Paper 2: Government and Politics of the USA and comparative politics

  • When studying this unit students will learn about the constitutional framework of the US government, the legislative branch of government: Congress, the executive branch of government: President, the judicial branch of government, the electoral process and direct democracy, political parties, pressure groups and civil rights.
  • When studying comparative politics students will analyse key similarities and differences between the UK and USA.


Paper 3: Political Ideas

  • When studying this unit students will learn about liberalism, conservatism, socialism, nationalism, feminism, multiculturalism, anarchism and ecologism.


Method of Assessment

This subject is assessed by three examinations of which there is one for each module. Each exam lasts 2 hours and has equal weighting. There is no coursework.


Links to other subjects

Government and Politics goes well with all other courses and is therefore a popular option.  Particular combinations include History, Economics, Business Studies, Maths, English and Geography.


Links to HE courses and beyond

It is a highly regarded qualification by both universities and employers.  It can be studied as a degree in its own right or it can help develop skills transferable to many other highly regarded degree courses such as Law, Business or Accountancy.  It is therefore ideal preparation for careers in those areas as well as Banking, Journalism and the Civil Service, whilst also coming in handy if you want to be Prime Minister!


Student views on the course

Students who study this subject will tell you that it is a very stimulating and rewarding course that teaches you things that everybody ought to know.

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