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11+ Scholarships

11+ Academic Scholarships

Candidates should be under 12 on 1 September 2017.

Academic Scholarships up to the value of 25% of the tuition fees, but typically in the range of 5% - 15%, are available for pupils entering Year 7 (S1) of the Senior School in September 2017. They may be supplemented in cases of need up to a maximum of 100%.

All candidates will be required to sit the Entrance Examination at Birkdale on Wednesday 25 January 2017.

This examination will consist of papers in:

  • English                
  • Mathematics                   
  • Reasoning Test   

Those candidates who reach an appropriately high standard in the 11+ Entrance Test will be invited to attempt the 11+ Scholarship Examination on Thursday 9 February. The Scholarship will consist of assessment in:

  • English          
  • Mathematics

Successful candidates will be expected to remain at Birkdale until the conclusion of their A level studies. Should a pupil leave the school before this but subsequently return, the award will no longer apply.


11+ Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships up to the value of 25% of the tuition fees (typically awarded in the range of 5% - 15%), together with free tuition in one instrument given at school by Birkdale staff, are available for pupils entering Year 7 (S1) of the Senior School in September 2017.

Candidates should be of good Grade III standard. Another indication would be having sung in a choir, enthusiastically, for two or three years.  All candidates should be able to show general musicianship commensurate with their technical skill. These are by no means the only pointers to a good candidate so if you are unsure, please contact Mr A M Sanderson (Assistant Director of Music) to discuss whether or not your son may be suitable

The successful candidates will be required to satisfy the general standards of admission to Birkdale School, and to enter fully into the musical life of the school.

The application form and further details for the 11+ Music Scholarships are available from the Registrar and applications should be submitted by Wednesday 15 February 2017.  The examination will be held on Wednesday 15 March 2017.


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