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Birkdale School's Enterprise Club is known as Birkdale Inc.,poweredbyus.
The club boasts over fifteen business start-ups with several currently trading in the commercial marketplace. Various enterprises over the last five years have won over 17 national and regional enterprise challenges including 'Most Enterprising School Environment' in the country by EnterpriseUK during the Peter Jones 2010 TENNER Challenge and two very prestigious awards during the GEW 2010, a Best in Schools Award and an Outstanding Impact Award received only by 100 schools across the country.
There are many facets to Birkdale Inc.,poweredbyus. Most of the businesses start in Year 7 or 8 (S1 or S2) and continue to develop by their business owners during their years at Birkdale.
Pupils throughout their Birkdale School life have the opportunity to nurture and slowly grow their businesses, build their entrepreneurial skills, achieve their personal and business objectives, look for market growth and opportunities while minimising their risks. They learn how to successfully sell their products, with USPs, working with limited resources and minimum start-up capital.
They are unique themselves as they are all under 18 running a social or private enterprise while establishing a new marketplace in the real world for their product and services. In doing so they all are learning to become entrepreneurs which dovetails nicely with the new government mandate to ‘make jobs not take jobs’ and to ‘develop an entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of the country’.

Some of the Enterprise start-ups:

Aspire Marketing Group - Implementing their own Marketing Campaign to help Aspire Sheffield. They are a local social enterprise focusing their efforts on providing socially disadvantage people with a second chance in life by helping them rebuild their employability skills.
Young Music - Battle of the Bands Night Competitions are design and run locally and in schools across Sheffield to promote young start up bands.
ideasinc.,poweredbyus - An elite marketing and design team focused on commercially developing Birkdale based patented products. The team works with SENTA and the South Yorkshire business community.
Fractured Designs - A website development team currently working with several school based enterprises and winner of the Peter Jones Tenner Challenge – Best Business Idea 2010.
i am DESIGNS - An architectural design business looking to sell building designs to national architect firms. Winners of Best International and Municipal Building Designs in the TeenTech 2012 Challenge:
Club Peak - A marketing consulting firm designing a youth based ‘participation’ campaign for the Peak District Authority – their client.
CHC Games Design - A group focused and building computer games for the Club peak website as well as an interactive forum.
Deep Focus - A group focused on designing 3D logos and apps for all the school based enterprise websites.
JA Apps Makers - Designing interactive apps for enhancing access by hand held device users to games and competitions being posted on school based websites.

Children's Hospital Charity