Senior School



Departmental Successes

We are seeing the aims of the department bear fruit with a generation of artists emerging who are producing a tremendous range of exciting and highly skilled work.

There is also a culture of art appreciation and debate growing within the school. Other departments are responding to this and several joint ventures have been undertaken. Many pupils now choose art related subjects to study at university including Fine Art, Architecture, History of Art, Graphics, Theatre Design etc.

We have also enjoyed a great deal of success in the public exams, with a high percentage of students getting top grades at GCSE and A level.


2014 Destinations

Kate Beard- Architecture – Liverpool University

Dan Bluff – Animation – Bradford University

Philip Casapieri  - Art Foundation Course – Bournemouth University

Felicity Cook – History of Art – York

Rebecca Gill – Art Foundation Course – Leeds College of Art

Cieran Horsecraft – Architecture – Newcastle University

Jack Parmar – Architecture – Nottingham University

Pupils doing Art at Birkdale leave with an unusually high degree of technical ability and understanding which informs and enhances a wide variety of art related careers.


Gallery of AS and Level Art by Birkdale students




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