Senior School

A Level Art and Design

Art and Design (AQA Fine Art 7202)

Course Overview

It is anticipated that those studying Art at A level should have a higher level of motivation, and a keen interest in the work of other artists and designers. The ability to handle and manipulate materials in a confident and fluent manner is essential.

For those wishing to embark on a career as an artist, designer or architect A level Art would be a necessary choice.  However imagine the would-be medic asked to discuss a current Science and Art exhibition at their Oxford interview and feeling glad that they had taken Art as their fourth option.  Imagine the prospective engineer who was told at their Cambridge interview that it was a real bonus that they were able to draw, and you will begin to see how Art is useful in all kinds of spheres - the dentist who is a skilled craftsman and can match different shades of white is obviously at an advantage.

Think of your favourite film, remember that the director and those employed in its making probably found their way into cinema via Art school.


Lower Sixth Art

Component 1:

A portfolio unit of course work. A portfolio of materials which exemplify work carried out at AS.  Work marked as a whole.

Component 2:

Internally set assignment- a project with a five hour supervised time incorporated into the preparation for a final outcome.  Work marked as a whole.


Upper Sixth Art

Component 1: Personal investigation-(Internally assessed and externally moderated 60% of A2)

This is based on an idea, issue, concept or theme supported by 1000-3000 written piece of work.

Component 2: Externally set assignment- (Internally assessed and externally moderated 40% of A2)

This is a project based on one of eight starting points set by AQA.  Students produce a clearly defined selection of work which will lead to a finished piece or pieces.


Links to other subjects

A common combination of A2 courses is Art, Maths and Physics or Art, Geography and Physics.


Links to HE courses and beyond

Many of our students go on to do Art related degrees such as Architecture and Landscape Architecture whilst others will go on to study Art on a foundation course either locally or attached to a degree course elsewhere within the UK.


Please view Sixth Form Art video below to hear student's views on the course and department.


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