Senior School

Key Stage 3 Art


S1 (Year 7)

Students are introduced to the use of measuring skills as a fundamental component required to achieve accuracy with their drawing. The works of a variety of artists are referenced and a small amount of research and inquiry is encouraged through discussion and homework.
A variety of mediums are explored including pastel, paint, clay and printing, though all are supported by drawing and measuring.

S2 (Year 8)

Year 8 is a more in-depth year and serves to build upon the newly acquired drawing and measuring techniques.
  • a measured self portrait is completed using pencil
  • scale and depth are explored through drawing the studio space
  • pastel work is developed to a higher standard
  • a still life painting is produced using acrylic paint.
  • the work of other artists is analysed and researched once again 

S3 (Year 9)

Students study the drawing techniques of the 'old masters' and produce a measured drawing of a Renaissance image. They are encouraged to be more versatile with a pencil and consider a variety of marks and speeds to create a range of marks and textures.
A painting is also produced which is inspired by looking at analytical drawings and paintings of a variety of Renaissance artists. The images are compared to contemporary superheroes and a composition is developed and completed using acrylic paint.
A clay self portrait is also produced which is once again subject to the use of measurements. This begins with observational drawings of a reproduction skull.


At the end of each year a still life drawing is completed which represents their end of year exam and enables students to refine and develop their observational skills and use of measurements.

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