Senior School

ICT / Computing

ICT at Birkdale is both studied as a subject in its own right and is also a valuable tool to support teaching and learning across the whole curriculum. The main aims of the department are simple:
  • To equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s world of information dependence.
  • To encourage independent learning through safe and appropriate use of the Internet and other computing resources.
We believe that we provide excellence in teaching and sympathetic support to all our students and staff. An increasing number of students from other schools join us in the 6th Form to study the popular and successful A level Computing course. We have much expertise in the area of computer programming and boys are introduced to programming at an early stage.
Birkdale School is committed to providing excellent ICT resources. In the Senior School we have 3 dedicated ICT suites and two further dual use ICT classrooms. Individual networked computers are available throughout the whole school. Our team of ICT technicians provide first class and approachable technical support.
Students leave the Senior School equipped with good ICT skills and knowledge. Those who study Computing at A level often go on to study related subjects at University. Recent leavers are currently reading Computer Science, Business Studies, Electronics & Software Engineering, and Mathematics.
The lunchtime Computer Clubs are very popular and are supervised by 6th Form Prefects. Other extra curricular activities available include Game Making Club, iGCSE Computing and A level Computing Clinics.

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