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GCSE Modern Languages


Edexcel Certificate

All pupils study at least one modern foreign language from French, German or Spanish. Study of a foreign language enhances cultural awareness, develops oral and written communication skills and increases confidence, all skills which can be transferred to other subjects. Moreover, as international travel and business become the norm, more and more employers are recruiting staff who can communicate in more than one language. A qualification in a modern foreign language or languages could therefore enhance career prospects.
The two year course begins as pupils enter Y10 and all pupils take the Edexcel Certificate, a government recognized qualification which has equivalent status to GCSE. Full specification may be viewed at:
and then following the specification link.
The Edexcel Certificate is assessed via three terminal papers. (See Scheme of Assessment below.) There are no controlled assessments, meaning more time for teaching throughout the course and the more natural progression of language skills.
A wide range of enjoyable and stimulating resources are used, with four of the six specialist language-teaching rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards with high quality sound systems. Most classes will have the opportunity to use the facilities of the multi-media digital IT suite which enables pupils to use the latest on-line resources as well as to access the department's own substantial range of audio and video resources.
To enhance oral fluency, boys have conversation in small groups with our French, German and Spanish assistants. In addition, the department offers a range of homestays or study visits abroad and boys are strongly recommended to take part in such visits during their GCSE course.

Overview of Content

  • Home and abroad
  • Education and employment
  • House, home and daily routines
  • The modern world and the environment
  • Social activities, fitness and health

Scheme of Assessment

The qualification comprises three external assessments:
  • Paper 1: Listening (a 40 minute examination + 5 minutes reading time): 25%
  • Paper 2: Reading and Writing (a 1 hour 30 minutes examination): 50%
  • Paper 3: Speaking (Maximum 10 minutes): 25%

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