Senior School

Key Stage 3 Modern Languages

Three modern languages are offered to all boys in the Senior School, namely French, German and Spanish. All boys take French in S1 (Year 7) and also in S2 (Year 8) where they will additionally study half a year each of German and Spanish. Boys may choose to study one or two languages in S3 (Year 9). If they choose to study 2 languages, one must be French.


The French course in S2 (Year 8) builds on the work undertaken in S1 (Year 7) and boys' understanding and use of spoken and written French will continue to be developed.
To achieve this aim interactive methods are used in a practically-focused course. Boys will hear recordings of native French speakers frequently and the target language will be used in lessons by their teachers. Information technology is used to help develop reading and writing skills.
In S1 (Year 7) and S2 (Year 8) boys are taught in sets. By organising them like this it is hoped that each boy will be able to work at the pace which suits him best and will be encouraged to produce his personal best. In S3 (Year 9), setting continues although there can also be option groups.

German and Spanish

All boys are introduced to German and Spanish in S2 (Year 8) and are taught for half a year in forms. Boys gain a good initial understanding of the two languages to form the basis upon which they can build their knowledge for the purposes of GCSE. In S3 (Year 9), German and Spanish are generally taught in option groups.
The four skills of listening, writing, reading and speaking are developed in a number of topic areas. By the end of these initial courses boys should be able to talk and write about simple personal topics, for example themselves, their families, pets and hobbies, as well as cope with transactional language, such as in shopping. All activities will provide a useful basis for understanding. Information technology forms part of the courses.
At the same time as being presented with new language in lively and fun contexts, boys will gain valuable insights into the German and Spanish speaking worlds.

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