Senior School

Key Stage 3 Religious Education


S1 (Year 7)

The first term is a chance to creatively explore some key biblical concepts – creation, redemption, sacrifice. In the second term we set out to question human nature. Can we find examples of people who could meet Plato’s challenge in the Ring of Gyges story? In other words, people who could find a ring of invisibility and yet avoid doing evil! In term 3, we explore a Jewish view of the world, empathising with a boy about to become Bar Mitzvah, for example.

S2 (Year 8)

This begins with Christian morality and the rationale for rejecting several kinds of prejudice, particularly racism. In term 2, we look at the person of Jesus and critically examine Christian claims about him. We creatively explore those concepts of Christian theology which underpin Jesus’ Messiahship. Students write poems to express their understanding of the crucifixion, for example. In term 3, we look at a Muslim view of the world, challenging the false perceptions of Islam we often find in the media, for example.

S3 (Year 9)

This begins with the concept of ‘authentic belief’. This is an attitude we encourage – one that balances a thinking, open approach to questions of belief with an acknowledgement of the importance of the belief commitments which shape the way we live. We look at what an authentic attitude to beliefs might be like by considering miracles and life after death. We continue the philosophical approach by looking at arguments for and against the existence of God. Including the way the history of the Early Church can add to this discussion. We then spend some time looking at several issues in ethics – Human Rights, War and Peace and Human Relationships. In the final term, we concentrate on some of the key concepts of Eastern Philosophy which underpin Hinduism and Buddhism.

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