Senior School


The Science Department aims to inspire pupils with awe and wonder at the world through an investigative approach to the Sciences that encourages critical thinking.

Lower School Science

In S1-2 (Years 7-8), pupils follow an integrated Science course with one teacher for six periods per week. The course covers all aspects of Science, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Further details can be found in the Key Stage Three section.


In S3 (Year 9), pupils are taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately for two periods a week. The pupils study some concepts from KS3 and make a start on some GCSE topics.
In S4-5 (Years 10-11), pupils continue to be taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately for three periods per week each. There are two possible routes at this level, leading to the award of either two GCSEs (Science GCSE and Additional Science GCSE) or three GCSEs (Biology GCSE, Chemistry GCSE and Physics GCSE).


Considerable numbers of pupils choose to continue to study Science in some form at AS and A2, where Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered. Each subject is allocated eight periods per week.
Further information is available via the links to the separate subjects.

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