Senior School


Biology is a rapidly developing science very much related to the issues of modern life. It is ever changing with new research beyond the Human Genome endeavouring to understand how genetics interacts with the metabolic working of the cell. Biology raises considerable ethical issues that are tackled both in discussion and role playing.
S3 (Year 9) pupils start the GCSE course integrating ‘How Science Works’ with learning concepts. Pupils have 2 lessons per week (70 minutes) underpinned by practical investigations. The department teachers are well qualified and are specialists in a range of topics from Molecular Biology to Ecology.
S4 and S5 (Years 10 and 11) pupils will either study Triple Award (Separate Sciences) or Double Award (Core and Additional Science) with 105 minutes (3 lessons) per subject. Practical work underpins either a contextual or conceptual approach.
At AS and A2 level take up for Biology is consistently high. The aim of Biology is to provide an interactive teaching and learning approach across the complete spectrum of topics. These range from the Biology of Disease and the Variety of Life at AS level. At A level, the maintenance of the organism within an ever changing environment, along with a study of inheritance patterns, homeostasis and the application of gene technology develop the understanding of Biology to a greater depth.

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