School News

Festival of Performing Arts

On Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 June Birkdale Prep hosted the 19th Annual Festival of Music and Performing Arts concerts; celebrating the best in individual music and drama talents.

Over 300 auditions were performed to Mr Jones and this year’s judge, Mrs Beavers earlier this term.

The concert contained virtuoso pieces, ensembles, songs and poetry from boys in Pre‐Prep 2 up to Prep 4. The school also welcomed visitors from other local Independent Schools.

The Festival of Music and Performing Arts began in 1996 and was one of the first things that Mr Jones introduced to the school when he joined Birkdale. This concert marked the very last of Mr Jones’ festivals. Over the years this can be calculated as approximately: 2000 concert performers, 5,700 auditions, 380 violins, 90 jugs of orange juice, and a stack of paperwork over 1 metre deep!

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