School News

Play it Again Prep School!

Monday Prayers have never rocked so much down at the Prep School. There was a different vibe to the start of the autumn term as Mr Bish, our new Director of Music accompanied our morning hymn with his Guitar. This was only a taste of the changes in the music department.


The boys had a terrific surprise as they entered the music room to discover a spectacular new mini grand piano to accompany their singing, a selection of new percussion instruments and some enticing ukuleles. Mr Bish has also installed a high tech recording studio - this houses a new bank of iPads for the boys’ research, music making and recording.

It is fantastic to witness a new excitement for music lessons especially among the boys who are not learning an instrument at present. We thank Mr Bish for what must have been, for him, a very busy summer and we are all looking forward to the various concerts planned for the coming academic year.

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