School News

Elliott in the ‘Crew’

Pre-Prep have been very impressed with the recent news from Elliott in PP3A. Earlier this year he entered a competition at Lego to become a member of the creative crew. He was thrilled to be only one of 12 children to be chosen.


Elliott is a huge Lego fan and he thoroughly enjoyed the various challenges that were set to gain him entry into the crew. His winning dragon design certainly demonstrated his impressive creative skills.

As a member of the crew Elliot has already attended one of the monthly ‘design and build’ sessions with the resident ‘Master Model Builder’ over in Manchester. He expressed his delight at his involvement for planning and testing of new Lego products.

Elliott came to school proudly wearing his creative crew name badge which is also displaying his own mini figure, showing himself dressed as a smart Birkdale boy. Talking with Elliott’s Mum we discovered that this special toy was purchased from (Just in case any other Christmas Elves are interested).

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