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Prep School Perform Hamlet

On Tuesday 10 November 21 boys from P3 and P4 took to the stage to perform their rendition of William Shakespeare's Hamlet as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival.


The SSF organise performances of specially adapted plays across the country with the aim of making children's first introduction to Shakespeare an exciting and positive experience. It also enables children to participate in the technical side of putting on a play.

On Tuesday morning the boys had a technical run through and dress rehearsal in the theatre. It was the first time the boys had performed the whole play on the stage, learning where to stand in a spot light and finding out how much they had to project their voices!

In the evening Birkdale were the first to perform at The Montgomery theatre with two other schools subsequently performing A Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing. Many of the boys were nervous, starting the evening off but once the play began nerves were replaced by some fantastic acting, producing a mature, confident and fluid performance.

Luke Tupper's ghostly performance as the murdered king was very eerie and Aamir Petkar played a confident and slightly sinister King Claudius. Salahudeen Hussain broke our hearts as Hamlet, showing a maturity beyond his years playing such a challenging role. There were many notable performances and the boys received a special commendation for the ensemble scenes when they were all on stage together.

The boys had all worked very hard and it was wonderful to see such a polished performance. They will be performing Hamlet to the Pre-prep and Prep boys on Friday morning.

Well done boys!!

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