School News

A Home For New Birds!

The boys in Pre-Prep are lucky to enjoy half a term of Design Technology each year with our Specialist teacher Miss Frewin. This term PP2 are thrilled with their new project to create a bird box.


This study fits in with their Geography lessons, where they have been learning all about different types of homes. The boys began their work in the design stage, firstly they thought carefully about their client, the birds! Their knowledge of different types of homes certainly helped and the boys were very creative with ideas. Some boys designed an igloo type home and others included a thatched roof.

They have explored a variety of different materials to realise their intentions before finally deciding a recycled drinks container is the most ideal bird box. It also highlighted how recycling can be beneficial for our environment. Throughout their studies the boys have developed a range of practical skills including cutting, sticking, team work and finally, evaluating.

We are delighted to see the boys working so enthusiastically and await their finished bird boxes with intrigue.

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