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Back to Ancient Egypt with Prep 1

This term Prep 1 are enjoying an exciting project in which they are learning about the life and times of ancient Egyptians.

As part of this History topic P1L have been finding out about pyramids; why and how they were built and what was buried inside them. In class they have started to build some of the different types of pyramids from an interesting array of materials which include card, cocktails sticks, marshmallows, straws and blu tac.

At Birkdale we foster a learning partnership with parents and this inspired a homework in which the boys were asked to create their own pyramid. They certainly rose to the challenge and have brought in some amazing creations using lego, magnets, egg boxes and cardboard. Many of them had been carefully decorated with paint, clay and hieroglyphics. Also some could even be opened up to reveal mummies and treasure!

Staff send a massive ‘thank-you’ to all the parents who helped the boys complete their pyramids.

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