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Mr Cottom talks with Pre-Prep 3

Pre-Prep 3 were inspired and enriched by a visit from Mr Cottom, former Head of Design & Technology at Birkdale Senior School this week. He came to Belmayne House to share his expert knowledge of materials and their properties.

The boys have been busy in their Science lessons learning more about materials. They have identified what various objects are made from and why different materials are chosen for specific purposes. The boys have hunted around school taking photographs using the iPads to record their ideas and have used different computer programs to further their research. They have investigated electricity circuits and heated and cooled materials to investigate reversible and irreversible change.

Mr Cottom has recently retired as Head of Design at Birkdale Senior School, he kindly agreed to come and share some of his expertise with the boys. The boys were mesmerised by many of the new facts Mr Cottom explained and it was encouraging to hear that he was impressed by the boys’ knowledge, together with the insightful questions they asked.

The staff and boys would like to thank Mr Cottom for taking the time to come and talk to us.

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