School News

A Medieval Visitor

Last week some mysterious messages, attached to arrows, arrived in the Pre-Prep 3 classrooms. The boys and teachers were most confused! How had they got there? Who were they from?

The notes were from a Knight, telling the boys that he would like to visit them. He needed to see their Coats of Arms. They created these and displayed them in the windows. These were to let the Knight know it was safe to enter. He said he would arrive on 1st March.

Sure enough, Costard the Knight arrived at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. He told the boys about his pages - trainee knights - and how they misbehaved so much that he needed the Birkdale boys to help out. He asked them to create some 'Knights handbooks' so that he could use them as a guide to train the pages. He also talked a lot about archery, which the boys enjoyed very much.

Pre-Prep 3 are now very busy researching how to be a Knight and creating books ready for Costard's return visit.

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