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Grand ‘Nest’ Designs

Pre-Prep 2 had a visit this week from a local artist, Sarah Jane Palmer. She helped the boys create some fabulous sculptures inspired by birds’ nests.


In their Science lessons PP2 have been learning about spring and have indicated a particular interest in nesting birds that are very busy at this time of year.

Earlier this week the boys prepared for the visit from Sarah by collecting natural things from home and their gardens.  They were asked to collect a range of items that might be used by birds to make a nest.  Mrs Oliver and Miss Harrison were very impressed by the array of leaves, feathers, moss and twigs collected by the boys.

Sarah arrived at school bringing chicken wire that was ready prepared into a nest shape and would form the basis for the boys’ creativity.  The boys certainly worked hard to create their nests, they not only used the resources they had collected at home but made their nests very individual adding carefully chosen ribbons, wool and other colourful art materials.

The boys decided that their nests were not suitable for the average local birds and are inspired to spend their English lessons next week using their imaginations to dream up and describe what magical bird might make its home in their nest. 

All of Pre-Prep look forward very much to reading about the fantastical birds.

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