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Prep 1 Bringing History to Life

Prep 1 (Year 3) went to Weston Park museum to watch history come alive. As part of their projects on Egyptian and the Ancient Greeks the boys took part in various exciting activities.

In the Egyptian workshop they met the Mummies, learned how to embalm and make a Mummy just like the Ancient Egyptians, in full gory detail! They then became history detectives and examined real Ancient Egyptian artefacts and made a Shabti - their very own pocket-sized servant - to take away.  

In the Ancient Greeks workshop the boys discovered:  Who was Athena? How Athens got its name? How the Parthenon was built? They also got to build a Parthenon model, the Temple to Athena, showing the internal as well as the external structure of this World Heritage monument. 

Finally they learned why the Parthenon was built and looked at how the Ancient Greeks left an amazing legacy in architectural design, influencing the style of our very own Weston Park museum!


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