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Maths Theatre Production

The Prep School boys from PP2 – P4 enjoyed a Maths extravaganza this week.  As part of this focus week the boys embarked on a trip to Ashdell School where they were entertained and challenged by a mathematical play! All the boys were delighted by the pirate story “The Miscalculation of Cap’n Halfinch”.

The humorous tale involved lost treasure and a map and audience participation was required.  The boys worked hard to solve a number of mathematical problems enabling the heroes of the story to complete the mission.

The actors cleverly adjusted the mathematical concepts according to the different age groups during each of the 3 different performances which were shown throughout the day.

Teachers observed the boys solving multiplication, division and fraction problems.  The mathematical teaching was both clear and vibrant ensuring all the boys left not only with a memory of an enjoyable experience but with new mathematical understanding.

Thank you to Ashdell School for inviting us to such an interesting event.

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