School News

Young Entrepreneurs of the Future

This year’s Prep 4 are certainly an enterprising year group! Pupils have already had a great start raising money for our school charity, Joseph’s Goal.  Now with the New Year upon us, they have some fantastic new initiatives.

Their next project will take place during Wednesday lunchtimes.  Various stalls will be set up in the Geography room and there will be an opportunity for all the Prep boys to visit.  They are planning to sell Popcorn and Milkshake drinks - both Matron endorsed healthy treats!  There will also be other fairground type games including the ‘Tin Can Alley’ and ‘Skittles’, which were both hits at this years’ Charities Christmas Fair.

Pupils have thought carefully about their company profit and loss predictions.  Their calculations have resulted in a 'fair pricing' for all games or items of just 50p We wish the boys the very best with their endeavours and thank them and the staff involved for their continued enthusiasm.

Children's Hospital Charity