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Prep School Rock You!

Many congratulations to the 56 prep school pupils and many staff who took part in the two highly acclaimed performances of the musical 'We Will Rock You' last week. Performed in the senior school Heeley Hall nearly 300 guests attended the shows on Thursday and Friday nights. Based on the ever enduring music of Queen prep school pupils rocked the night away to resounding reviews from all those lucky enough to attend.

Charlotte Needham, Prep School Head of Drama and show producer commented: "I am so hugely proud of all the boys who took part. Given the pupils ages range from just 7 to 11 years it is simply incredible that their performance was of such a truly professional standard".

Greg Bish, Prep School Director of Music and conductor of the show band said: "Great fun was had by all the cast and the musicians too. It was also wonderful to see the audience on both nights enjoying taking part - it really is a feel good show and these performances will be remembered no doubt for years to come!".

All congratulations to Mrs Needham, Mr Bish and the whole cast - a truly fantastic team effort!


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