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National Champions

Birkdale Prep General Knowledge team have been crowned National Champions in the Quiz Club Championship. They travelled to Oxford Town Hall for the National final along with the Maths Quiz team who also made the finals last week. This also meant that Birkdale had become the only school in the country to reach the final of all three contests (Science included from earlier in the year), from well over 1000 entrants!

The day of the final was unforgettable. The Maths contest came first and boys again showed some incredible mental skills to work out the tricky worded problems. The standard was incredible and Birkdale finished in sixth place from the twelve finalists and 300 overall entrants; a wonderful feat!

The best was yet to come however, as the General Knowledge team performed out of their skin. After ten of the forty questions, they were comfortably in third place but kept pushing the leaders from University College School, London, and overtook them with around eleven questions to go. As they had consolidated their position with facts about Uranus’ moons, JFK quotes and British Olympians, the penultimate question threw up Jupiter’s Holst – the only tune Mr Cooper can play on the piano. The boys lapped it up, going into the final question in the lead! Despite all three teachers getting the last question wrong, the boys knew their facts about the Bering Sea and deservedly won the trophy following a sensational performance.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the three quiz competitions this year but particularly to Louis Insull, Hugo Hurrell, Seth Hillier and Simon Peng – our National Champions!

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