School News

Autumn Days

Pre-Prep love to celebrate the changing of the seasons and Autumn is one of our favourites. The boys love collecting conkers and these have been used to inspire a range of learning experiences. The younger boys have been counting and sorting them according to their size. One boy has brought some amazing conker art into school; he created conker creatures which delighted his form.

Our oldest boys enjoyed playing conkers and then used this experience to practise their writing skills as they listed the instructions for how to play the game.

We are so fortunate to be positioned so close to the Botanical gardens where the boys have been able to visit in order to search for signs of Autumn. They have enjoyed learning about how local animals such as hedgehogs and squirrels are preparing for winter months. 

The leaves are changing into a beautiful array of colours around the school grounds and this has influenced our Art work, including ‘Owl crafts’ and Poetry.  However, tasty apple pie making has been the highlight in the boys learning.

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