School News

A Mysterious Visitor from the Past

PP3 had a mysterious visitor this week.  A lady wearing clothes from the past, smelling of smoke and appearing terribly upset came to Belmayne House.  The boys quickly established she was a survivor from the great fire of London, a time traveller! Mary Jane explained to the boys she was a candle maker and had escaped the fire and come to Sheffield to stay with family.  The boys were very sympathetic and listened carefully to her story.

They asked sensible and pertinent questions and discovered more about life in 1666.  The boys were amused as Mary explained how close together the houses were, she could shake hands with her neighbours from the upstairs windows!

Mary hoped that the boys could discover how the fire had started. She was concerned that it was one of the candles from her shop.  It was decided that PP3 would conduct some research to find the answers to the many question the boys had.  They intend to create an information book for Mary, all about the Great Fire.

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