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GCSE/AS German Study Visit to Cologne

Twenty-one pupils from S4/Y10, S5/Y11 and the Lower Sixth recently took part in the Modern Languages department’s four-day study visit to Cologne.


The aim of the visit is for students to work on their language skills in a more authentic environment. This year, they were lucky enough to experience the “Karneval” festivities in Cologne, during which the Germans take to the streets (as well as the trams, the shops and their hostel’s dining room) in a variety of colourful and imaginative costumes. Where else would you get to ride into town alongside the Super Mario Brothers and a character from Avatar, amongst many others? Our students particularly savoured the seasonal treat of “Berliner”, a filled doughnut covered in colourful, edible confetti.

Around the daily study sessions in the hostel, the students took a cruise along the river Rhine, discovered two small riverside towns, indulged in “Kaffee und Kuchen” (ordered in German, of course), took a trip up one of Cologne’s tallest buildings, completed a rigorous shopping task in the city centre, and visited the Ruhr Industrial Museum in Essen. There was also space for a little down-time at the bowling alley and the impressive “Aqualand” swimming pool.

The group was lucky enough to enjoy all of the outdoor activities in unseasonably mild and sunny weather. There really is no better way to take in the famous “Dom” (cathedral), the river and the beautiful scenery the region has to offer. A great time was had by all, and we hope the students got a good deal from being in Germany as exam season approaches.

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