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‘Olde Tyme Music Hall’ Event

Birkdale pupils took part in a vibrant ‘Olde Tyme Music Hall’ event that took place at Ashdell School over the weekend.

The event consisted of songs, recitations and monologues from the start of World War One to tie in with this important date being remembered nationally. Members of our lower school drama club performed various mini dramas including an extract from the ‘Shooting Party’ and ‘War Horse’ and an excellent monologue was delivered by Ben Oliver (Y11) from ‘Post Mortem’ by Noel Coward.

Members of Birkdale Lower School Drama

Also taking part in the event were pupils from Ashdell School and Sheffield High School who had all worked hard to bring the event together as one joint collaborative effort with instrumental performance, and popular songs. Also involved were members from the Girl Guides who also sang wonderfully and performed a mini ‘melodrama’ whilst Cornerstone Choir expertly sang many Music Hall Medleys.

The event was organised by Sheffield Soroptomists as part of their fundraising for the charity ‘Stop the Traffic’.  This charity works nationally and internationally to raise awareness about human trafficking to bring this trade to an end and to raise more awareness of the issues involved especially in young people.


Children's Hospital Charity