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EYP Enthusiasm

On 6 March two teams from Birkdale Sixth Form took part in the regional heats of the European Youth Parliament competition.


The Committee for Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) were extremely proactive and received great credit from the judges for their willingness to volunteer and keep the debate going. Eve Dore gave the opening opposition speech examining the EU’s response to issues arising from the practice of FGM and an effective summation was provided by Nicky Rossi with Silas Burke handling an interim summary during the floor debate. Haydn Walters led the resolution on solutions for over-reliance on fossil fuels with a superbly well-researched speech which was summed up with clarity and passion by Killian Dockrell. Other members of the delegation Alex Davenport, Ben Dockrell, Josh Gregory and Sophie Thomas took an active part in the floor debates.

The Committee for Culture and Education (CULT) demonstrated great team solidarity and were praised for their teamwork and willingness to engage in the floor debate. Hadi Al-Zubaidi delivered a passionate and convincing speech on the importance of financial literacy across the EU with James Warner offering a sincere and powerful summation. Obi Ezi volunteered to deliver a speech concerning asylum seekers in the EU and Ben Cairns was succinct and direct in his summation of the issues. The rest of the team, Theo Budgen, Alicia Caven, Shashwat Jha, Maxwell Jones and Saffrandeep Sall worked very hard in the floor debates and retained a commanding presence.

The day concluded with a debate in French (and other European languages) where contributions were made by a number of our pupils including Ben Cairns, Killian Dockrell and Hadi Al-Zubaidi.

The standard of debating was extremely high across all participating teams and it is very exciting that ITRE was selected to go forward to the National finals which will be held in Liverpool in September. Unfortunately CULT narrowly missed being chosen as the second team to progress to the next stage but that takes nothing away from the excellent job that they did in flying the flag for European relations.


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