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General Election @ Birkdale

Birkdale is organising a variety of different events to promote awareness of the General Election taking place next month.

There will be a General Election Hustings on Monday 27 April for actual political candidates which will be attended by Middle School and Sixth Form pupils giving them an opportunity to engage in a real political debate with the candidates who are standing for election within Sheffield. This will then be followed with a Mock Election within Birkdale for all the Senior School pupils to get involved in.

In this Mock Election pupils will have the opportunity to represent the different political parties and stand for election in the Constituency of Birkdale. Alongside poster campaigns across the school as well as opinion polls there will be separate Hustings for each section of the school when the candidates, aided by their campaign managers, will give talks and the audience will be able to ask questions.

All this will culminate in the Mock Election itself on May 7 when all pupils will have the opportunity to vote. Who will win? - at Birkdale the pupils will decide.


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