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Birkdale General Election Opinion Poll

Over the last few days Mr Horner has conducted an opinion poll about our pupil candidates who are standing for the Mock Election from pupils in S4/Y10 and above.


Pupils were picked at random and the survey was completed in a secret ballot poll. More than 10% of our pupils were sampled.

The results conducted between April 23 and April 27 are as follows:

Silas Burke: Liberal Democrats                                                 14%

Killian Dockrell: Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)                       6%

Ihtishaam Khan: Conservative                                                  19%

Matthew Lawrie: Scottish National Party (SNP)                        3%

Miles Mann: United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)         5%

Sabeeh Sadiq: Independent                                                     24%

Haydn Walters: Labour                                                            3%

James Warner: Communists                                                     26%

(Sample size: 96)

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