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St John Young Achiever

S5 Pupil, Max Doody took a trip to St James’s Palace recently as part of the St John young achievers programme. This was in recognition for responding to a motorcycle accident.


The day began with a presentation at the St John Ambulance headquarters in which he was briefed in royal etiquette. After a lunch the group headed to the Palace, and stood waiting inside one of the reception rooms. Max was rather lucky to venture inside such an historic monument, which was first built in 1531 and features several original Morris-decorated rooms. Thankfully during the wait food was provided – popcorn, sandwiches and mini muffins alongside smoothies of varying flavours.

Max then got the chance for a conversation with Princess Anne about his role within the organisation as a teacher or “peer educator”. She proved a delight to talk to, and a true supporter of the organisation. Sadly she had dozens other people to talk to so the meeting was brief. The day was elegantly concluded with a wonderful speech by Princess Anne thanking those present for their work.

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