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Nepal Update and Future Plans

Life in Nepal today is generally very difficult indeed.

The monsoons have started and since most people are living in temporary accommodation such as tents, this makes life extremely challenging. Aftershocks are still occurring almost daily which can be as strong as magnitude 5. The daily necessities of food and fresh water supplies are also very difficult to obtain and sanitation is very poor, particularly now that the rains have arrived and the drains are all damaged. This means that the chance of disease occurring is much higher.

Lessons at the Peace Garden and the Bungamati Schools are now taking place in temporary classrooms, all of which have been built on nearby land and have been provided for with the money raised through Birkdale School.

Nepal has been selected as the School Charity for the next academic year and so plans have already been made to ensure even more successful fundraising.

The annual trip to Nepal will definitely take place for Birkdale students in 2016 for all those in S4 and above and it will be a very special one.

There will still be the usual teaching aspect of the trip within the various schools that Birkdale are connected with. The five day trek in the Himalayas will also take place along with the Chitwan Jungle experience and the white water rafting.

Next year, medical work will be a very important aspect of the visit. For this reason the trip is open to parents of Birkdale pupils. We are particularly keen to have doctors, nurses, dentists and dental hygienists but all adults are welcome if they would like to join the medical team.

There will also be an Engineering aspect to the 2016 trip. This is very much related to the damage caused by the earthquake and it is hoped that in 2016 members can help to make a real difference in the area visited. Sheffield University have approached Birkdale School to ask if we could help them to spread the results of research they have been doing in their Engineering Department, so that all of those who go next Easter to Nepal will have the opportunity to undertake a unique training course in how to strengthen buildings that are still standing, so that they can withstand future quakes. This knowledge they can then pass on to the locals.

Finally – dates for the diaries - three fundraising events will take place next term to keep the fundraising going!

  1. Sunday September 13th an Orchestral Concert by the Sheffield Youth Orchestra (SYO) who have invited members and friends of Birkdale school who play a standard orchestral instrument to join them in the Heeley Hall.
  2. Saturday September 19th the Three Peaks Walk takes place involving 25 miles of challenging terrain.
  3. Friday October 9th at the Dronfield Civic Hall, a ‘One off Show’ will take place – a talent show with music, dance, drama and comedy.

And the total amount raised is now:


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