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European Youth Parliament : Uniting Across Borders for a Sustainable Future

Nine U6 (Y13) students engaged in high-powered debating on a range of controversial topics relating to the EU in the national Finals of the European Youth Parliament competition recently.

Held at Liverpool Hope University, Silas Burke, Alex Davenport, Ben Dockrell, Killian Dockrell, Eve Dore, Josh Gregory, Nicky Rossi, Sophie Thomas and Haydn Walters wrestled with issues as diverse and relevant as eradicating poverty, fostering democracy and energy security. With the prospect of an EU referendum on the horizon it was especially fitting that Killian Dockrell should make an impassioned summation speech about a potential “Brexit” in the opening debate whilst Silas Burke had the last word in the closing debate of the competition on the current migrant crisis, imploring us all to remember the words of the US Declaration of Human Rights that every individual has the right to ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’.

Although we were not selected to move through to the International session we maintained a very high profile in the Committee work on Friday and the debating in General Assembly throughout Saturday and on Sunday morning.

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