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Latin Trip to see the Roman Army in Action

On Saturday 19th September a group of boys from S3 to S5 who are studying Latin travelled to Lincoln Castle to see the legendary re-enactors Ermine Street Guard.


These dedicated enthusiasts recreate life in the Roman legions. Using a range of historical and archaeological sources, they practise Roman Army battle tactics, use replica weapons and equipment, and live under canvas as soldiers on campaign.

In brilliant sunshine, our group looked on in awe as Roman cavalrymen decapitated cabbages with their swords while galloping at speed; a tortoise formation not only advanced forwards but expertly turned a corner; and heavy artillery weapons (the ballista and onager) fired missiles the full length of the castle lawns. After the display we chatted to the legionaries as they cooked their stew over a campfire, learning facts about the practicalities of life on campaign, such as that the leather tents get water-logged and smell dreadful!

To end our trip, we toured the Victorian Prison within the Castle, and saw an original copy of Magna Carta, gaining an excellent lesson in citizenship in the process.

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