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History Society Balloon Debate 2015

The annual History Society Balloon Debate was held on Friday 16 October. Four contestants fought to win the coveted History Society trophy and a place in the Historical Association's Sheffield final.


The topic was "what has been the impact of the British Empire" and the debate was chaired superbly by Harry Beach. The first round saw Killian Dockrell, Charles Gray, Harry Clay and Will Birch battle it out with 5-minute speeches.

Will bemoaned the concentration camps used in the Boer Wars and Charles pointed to modern medicine and trade as evidence for the positives of the Empire. This was followed by some intriguing and thought-provoking questions from the fascinated audience, during which there was an extensive discussion between Charles Gray and Max Doody.

After a break for refreshments, Mr. Clarke came back with his verdict that Killian and Harry would remain in the balloon for the final round. Harry delivered an empowering speech, but Killian was not to be defeated as he had been the previous year by then-upper sixth form pupil Toby Williams. Killian's focus on quotes and powerful delivery left the audience stunned, and it was clear that there could only be one winner.

Congratulations to Killian Dockrell on his success and good luck in the Sheffield round!

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