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An Inspector Calls – Lyceum Theatre Sheffield


"Public men, Mr. Birling, have responsibilities as well as privileges."

An Inspector Calls - with devastating consequences for the smugly privileged Birling family, who are in the middle of indulgently celebrating an engagement at their house in Brumley.

The policeman brings with him accusation, revelation, and horror; and things will never be the same for Arthur, Sylvia, Sheila, Eric, and Gerald.

Stephen Daldry’s exquisite staging of J.B.Priestley’s seminal late-Victorian morality tale is a vibrant and thought-provoking drama, with strong performances and a faithful but tight script. Forty-two S3 boys sat riveted throughout the 105 minute performance, as The Inspector ruthlessly and relentlessly stripped away the family’s glittering veneer, to expose a soft white underbelly of hauteur, elitism, and pride.

A timely reminder of our obligation as a society to pull-together and eschew our natural selfishness, the play has resolutely stood the test of time, and its message will never be redundant.

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