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Battlefields of the World Wars

During the Easter holidays Mr Clarke and Mrs Parsons ran a History Department expedition to the Battlefields of the World Wars.

The trip followed in the footsteps of History by taking the journey from Portsmouth across the channel to the beaches of Normandy and visiting the battlefields of D Day and the following Normandy campaign of the Second World War.

On the way across Northern France the excursion party then went to the Somme in the centenary year of the great battle and were able to visit the memorial to the ancestor of S4 pupil Oliver Hutchins who was on the trip. He was able to place a tribute to his Great, Great Grandfather who had fallen in the First World War, sadly only a few weeks before it ended.

After this the pupils explored the battle sites around the Belgian town of Ypres also from the First World War before re-enacting the WW2 evacuation form Dunkirk via the great city of Bruges. The pupils all learned a great deal from this tremendous experience. Many boys described it as the best school trip they had ever been on and something they would never forget.





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