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Economics Society Guest Speaker

Birkdale School’s Economics Society recently welcomed visiting speaker Dr Alex Tziamalis to the Lecture Theatre for a relevant and incisive talk on applications of behavioural economics.

Dr Tziamalis is a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, having studied at both LSE and Sheffield University. He has also worked in public policy for the Department of Work & Pensions. The central idea of the lecture was that the free market system, while a powerful mechanism for good, may also fail to achieve an ideal allocation of resources. Behavioural economic ideas can be both part of the problem as well as the solution to such failures.

The lecture was attended by around 40 Sixth Form students and teaching staff who also engaged in a lively Q&A session. We are extremely grateful to Dr Tziamalis for giving up his time to come and give us such a lively and interesting lecture.

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