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A Taste of France and Germany

Twenty four S2 and S3 boys, accompanied by 3 members of staff, travelled to Alsace during half term to get a “Taste of France & Germany” and gain a sense of the unique identity of this beautiful region.


Visits to the Musée du Linge – with its preserved battlefield /trench from 1915 and a WW2 cemetery underlined the fierce fighting that took place in this area, historically embroiled in a tug-of-war between France and Germany.

The boys had the chance to witness the typical timber-framed architecture on a visit to the picturesque town of Kayserberg where they interviewed locals on potential winners of the EURO 2016!  The trip lived up to its name as boys sampled the local cuisine - choucroute and munster cheese.

Crossing the border we explored the Black Forest with a visit to Germany’s highest waterfalls and a toboggan ride winding through the Schwarzwald countryside. The highlight of the trip was a day out at the German “Europa” theme park.


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