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Parlez-vous Francais?

The Onatti Theatre Company paid their annual visit to Birkdale on 24th June, performing their play “Parlez-vous Français?” to P4, S1 and S2 pupils in the Heeley Hall.

The play, which was performed by two actors, one French and one English, focused on the similarities and differences of the two languages both in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation. The pupils had spent time in French lessons studying the plot, characters and key vocabulary and so had no difficulty in understanding the play even though much was in French!

Throughout the performance, pupils were involved in a variety of ways to bring to life the story of Ben who on the first day of a school skiing trip to France, has an accident and is taken to a local French hospital. Using his limited French, Ben has to make himself understood by a very stern and unsympathetic nurse who speaks no English! However, with the help of S1 pupil, Tom Fitzsimmons, the medical examination is successfully completed and Ben is sent for an X-ray. Ben then manages to befriend a young French girl also in hospital before he is eventually discharged to rest and recuperate!

Mrs. Higham, Head of Modern Languages, said “Birkdale pupils have been treated to another very entertaining performance which highlighted the fun as well as the frustrations of communicating in a foreign language."

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