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British Library Research Trip

The six winners of our London Research Trip competition travelled down to the British Library on Monday this week to spend two days researching their chosen subjects.

The research trip is an independent learning initiative, part of our provision for academically gifted pupils.  The winners are given a chance to study at a prestigious London library and visit any of London’s museums, galleries or archives in order to help them complete a piece of self-directed research.  In September they’ll present their findings and conclusions.

This year Rishin Madan and Bailey Neal were our S4 winners.  Their chosen subject was human evolution, making use of a new exhibition in the National History Museum.  In particular, they were looking to understand what motivated early humans to migrate north out of Africa.  Isobel Abebrese was in London to research the current political situation in Syria asking how far democracy might be possible in the future.  Max Doody’s chosen subject was consciousness.  He was looking at recent progress in neuroscience which attempts to explain the way our brains generate conscious experience.  Harriet Freeman visited the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery as well as studying at the British Library.  She was tracing the idea of beauty through the ages, understanding the way the concept has changed from ancient to modern/postmodern times.  With the help of two London experts, Danial Rostami was assessing the contribution of Ancient Persian physicians to the development of medicine.

All our research trip winners demonstrated genuine commitment to learning for its own sake.  We look forward to hearing their conclusions in September. 

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