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Physics students visit Cern

On 15 September, 12 Upper Sixth Physics pupils accompanied by Physics staff set off on a 4 day trip to Geneva, Switzerland. The primary aim of the trip was to visit CERN – an organisation aiming to understand the fundamental structure of the universe by using huge underground particle accelerators – as their work is relevant to the A level Physics course.

We were given a guided tour of the AMS detector and the Cryogenic Test Facility and enjoyed an in-depth talk from a scientist working at the ATLAS detector. There was also the opportunity to meet a Sheffield University PhD student doing research at CERN as part of his studies, who gave an insight into his experiences of the facility and of postgraduate studies. Aside from Physics, there was time for us to enjoy some more ‘touristy’ activities such as a visit to the UN headquarters in Geneva, a boat trip on Lake Geneva and of course, enough time to buy a selection of overpriced Swiss chocolates and souvenirs. Another highlight was the fondue - a key part of Swiss culture that we just had to sample (or that was Mr Clifford’s reason for taking us all to enjoy his favourite food) and despite some questionable French skills when ordering, it turned out to be delicious.

Overall it was a very successful and enjoyable trip that will benefit all those who went in their studies this year and beyond.

Luke Middleton U6

Children's Hospital Charity