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Technician Invited to Speak at YouTube HQ!

Congratulations to Birkdale IT Technician Daniel Staniforth who last week was invited to travel to YouTube HQ in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

Daniel joined 150 other delegates from all round the world, and was one of just 5 guests who were invited to speak at this prestigious YouTube Summit. He has been involved with community work for YouTube for the last five years and was overjoyed to not only be invited to join the summit but also to address delegates in attendance.

Daniel said: "This was a simply amazing trip in every respect. I love technology and have been helping YouTube with my user views for over five years now. The whole trip was paid for by YouTube's parent company Google and I cannot express how wonderful it was to travel to Silicon Valley in California - the nerve centre of cutting edge social network technologies like Google, Facebook and of course YouTube. I had a simply wonderful time - my only disappointment was to not be allowed to use the 'big slide' they have in YouTube HQ for staff to 'travel' between floors in the building - this was sadly only available to YouTube full-time employees!'.

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