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Stratford visit - King Lear

‘I am a man more sinned against than sinning’ A conflicted crowned head issues decrees that will come back to haunt him. An honest daughter pays the price for her naivety. A misbegotten schemer frames his innocent brother, and a kingdom is divided; extreme hubris at its erratically beating heart.

Shakespeare’s epic tragedy explores how miscalculation can lead to despair; as the king ponders on the mistakes that have led him to emotional ruin, those around him peck at the carcass of his former glory like so many vultures, and the far-reaching implications of Lear’s arrogance resonate throughout the drama.

The Bard’s tragic masterpiece was thrillingly and poignantly brought to life by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, where Mr Lidbury and Mr King took 12 Birkdale Sixth formers to experience the play; which starred the great Anthony Sher. They were able to witness all the jealousies, power struggles, peripeteia, deception, and dark frivolity that Shakespeare’s magnum opus has to offer.

All in all this was a great experience for the students; the tragic aspects of the play in particular will be key to their understanding the text this year.

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