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First Aid Club

First Aid club is one of the Senior School's most active and well-attended clubs. Over 25 pupils regularly participate learning crucial life-saving skills that widen their breadth of first aid general knowledge. The club is run by Sixth Formers who are all suitably trained. These senior pupils are able to officially certify all first aid qualifications taken by students.

The course is split into two parts; basic level 1, which includes topics such as CPR, poisoning and anaphylaxis shock. After completion of this beginner level, pupils can go onto the level 2 course, which covers extra topics such spinal injuries, hypovolemic shock and chest pains.

The course program repeats every term giving those students that can’t make it every week time to complete the course over a slightly extended period. If your son or daughter is interested to join the first aid club please do seek out further details.


Children's Hospital Charity